Land Rover Defender 110, Puma, pop-up roof



Another Defender reconstruction combined with the installation of a pop up roof of our production.
The car had a similar construction before, but after a rollover in the desert, it required repairing the body and replacing the roof with a tent for a new one.
The car was equipped with an outer roll cage and an inner rollbar.
It is a perfect example of how the lifting roof structure strengthens the body and increases off-road driving safety.
The car survived, even the door was not breached, which in the case of a rollover of a Defender without this structure is impossible and we know how it ends ...
In this case, we replaced the rear panels, installed the NoQuestions roof/tent (mady by 4Land), and refreshed the body by painting it in the same color.
Works in the interior include soundproofing and new carpets, adding electric windows and central locking.
As a result, we have a great expedition vehicle, perfect for the desert and the Alps, from where it came to us.