Land Rover Defender 110, kamper


The main assumption was to create a car with a body that is as functional as possible, and that will accommodate a very comfortable bed (a good night's sleep is priceless), a kitchen set allowing to prepare a meal inside the car, a place to sit or eat a meal, as well as the possibility to pack for any trip.
It was supposed to be spacious, comfortable, and convenient, without unnecessary gadgets.
We have created a body from scratch, which can be used with a 110, 130, and 90 chassis!
We've created a very nice interior.
The number of cabinets and storage spaces is sufficient even for those who are most demanding. Additionally, it is possible to take advantage of a small roof rack above the cabin (it can accommodate a box) as well as an external container for dirty items or off-road equipment.
The body includes a raised roof, which significantly increases the volume of this camper and allows to stand up inside.
A system of opening vents, fabric windows, and a Dometic window with a mosquito net or shutter are responsible for the convenience and comfort inside. In the case of this car, we've used a black fabric as the finishing to the pop-up tent on purpose. On the one hand, we have a huge film window that provides light and a view, and on the other hand, by closing all these possibilities, we can make the interior dark, which allows for a long and peaceful sleep, even when it is very bright outside.
As mattresses, we've used the concept of a split Futon, which provides remarkable comfort, and removable covers allow washing them.
We have a Dometic two-burner gas cooker and a sink at our disposal. A Truma gas stove is responsible for hot water, and it can heat the water needed for a bath in just 15 minutes, for example, while driving or having a break at a rest stop area.
The temperature comfort inside is ensured by dry Webasto during winter, multifunctional ventilation during summer, which forces air in or out of the cabin, but the secret lies in the thermal insulation of the entire body.
Comfort was supposed to be essential for this car, but also its very good and reliable handling.
That's why we've equipped this camper with Terrafirma Mega Sport shock absorbers.
Thanks to the maximally lowered center of gravity (a special water tank and an intermediate frame that does not lift the body) and such suspension, it is possible to handle the car with confidence and without the feeling of excessive leaning when turning, which can often be experienced in the case of cars that are overloaded or poorly prepared for a journey.
The Desert camper is equipped with air conditioning, power windows, the possibility of closing the driver's and passenger's cabin, as well as separating it from the living area.
The previously designed wall reinforcements allow mounting a bicycle rack or hangers for drying wetsuits after surfing. We can take advantage of a side roller blind that protects against sun or rain.
The ready car weighs 2,360 kg, which is a remarkable result for such a spacious and equipped body.
It was very important for us to refer to the partially riveted Defender structure, hence the hand-made aluminum fittings and corners.
The entire thing is visually coherent, and the used angle of inclination of the side walls makes it simply a beautiful mix - a raw Defender and comfortable, modern body.
This is an example of the design and possibilities offered by the NoQuestions body.
If you are interested in a similar vehicle but have your vision for the interior design, or you need a dedicated exterior solution, please contact us.
There is a possibility to install the body on a 90, 110, 130 (single and double cabin) chassis.