Land Rover Defender 130, Td5



This 130 came to us with some superficial bodywork damage and a tired drive system. Large plays in driveline, damaged clutch, play and slippages in the steering system.

Overall, the car showed promise but did not look good at all.

Together with the owner we agreed that we could give it a second life, but that it needed a total change of look.

As a result, we repaired the entire drive system (transfer case, both drive axles, clutch) as well as steering and braking systems and then fixed the body work and repainted the car in a completely new colour.

The pick-up 130's load has been painted with a special protective coating, and the entire chassis has been treated with an anti-rust products.

Now the 130's look blows you away!

A reference to the Heritage colour palette, considerate of the owner's preference to the body and roof colours, gave an awesome result. Classic rims complete the look.