Land Rover Defender 110, Td5




This Land Rover 110 arrived to us in a critical condition.

The car wasn’t used for a long time. The chassis was highly corroded, the body was partly covered with moss and plants :) 

The car promised to be fine in terms of mechanics.  


We changed the rear part of the frame, whereas the entire chassis underwent the process of sandblasting and epoxy painting. 

Finally, it was secured with Valvoline products. 

The works with the body included the replacement of four doors, removing the corrosion from poles and lower profile and the replacement of the strips between the body panels into galvanized ones. The wheel rims and aluminium additions of the body have been sandblasted and powder painter.  


At the same time mechanical repairs took place – the repair of the reduction gear, thorough inspection of the braking and steering system, detailed inspection of the engine. 

A far as new doors are concerned, we have brought back the functions of central locking, electric windows, we have also mounted additional (working) LED lights.    


The owner proposed the colour of the body. This was a great idea.

Today the car looks fantastic and there are many, many years of travel ahead of it !