Land Rover Defender 90, Td5


The owner of this 90 decided to change its look completely. Outside and inside, from the top and from the bottom. 
And we like such challenges. 
Defender 90 had corroded doors, chassis and elements of the body. Damaged wing, some mechanical problems and standard interior, slightly worn, too. 
Our task was the complete metamorphosis. 
The owner proposed the colours. Outside white pearl and metallic roof, inside dark brown. Initially it didn’t sound well, but it has to be admitted that it was a great and brave idea. 
As a result of this the car was painted with the combination of colours from the palette of Jaguar and Land Rover and leather upholstery were the materials from Maserati. 
New interior got two-layered soundproofing and hand-sewn black coverings. Black ceiling lining, repainted internal panels and dark brown leather door coverings and board gave this Defender a cosmic character. 
Laser burnt logos of Land Rover and imprinted Defender writing are the icing on the cake.
Front seats are the handwork. New shape, colours and heating. Top level! 
The revolution is outside, too. 
Aluminium Bowler side sills, the Puma bonnet, front bumper of our construction with daytime LEDs, main LED lights, rear bar with the colour of the roof and KBX inlets contribute to the fact that this Defender has no equal. 
In the set are included new wheel rims, 235/85 tires with good suspension, polybushes, new exhaust pipe .. ufff ...
As a result we’ve got killer Defender 90! Nothing more, nothing less. 
The car for a collectors.
The work on such project was for us a great fun. Thanks!