Land Rover 110, 300 tdi


The red 110 came to us in the spring.
After a thorough inspection of the body and chassis, it was clear that cosmetic repairs would not be enough.
Originally, we were supposed to fix only the frame and some mechanical issues.
However, cleaning and uncovering some spots on the frame and chassis revealed their true condition.
A decision was made to bring the car back to its former glory and restore its excellent mechanical condition.
The engine and drivetrain were thoroughly inspected... as was the rest of the car.
The electrical system also required a careful inspection.
What required the most work, however, was the chassis and body.
The rear crossmember was replaced and some welding repairs were carried out in the front and middle sections.
All pillars and some body support brackets were replaced.
New doors were installed to replace the rusted ones.
The colour of the exterior was not changed, but the new paint looks amazing.
Since the interior was in a good condition, we only fixed the headliner and freshened up the rest.
An important modification to the 90s-style Defender was the installation of LED lamps, which fit the style perfectly.
The almost classic Defender will continue to be the owner’s pride and joy for years to come.
It turns heads everywhere it goes :)