Land Rover Defender 110, 300 tdi




A blue 110 visited us for some mechanical repair and a body refreshment

The car had power problems, slack in the drive and required a thorough inspection and maintenance of all the mechanisms.

The body had corroded steel slats, doors and posts because of its age.

The frame was kept in a very good condition, it was well preserved in the past.

On the other hand, all the aluminium accessories with flaky paint looked bad.

The paint on the body was in a tragic condition.


The car underwent a thorough mechanical repair, got a new turbo and loads of parts.

The body received new galvanized doors, galvanized slats, new lubricationable aluminium hinges, all new seals and stainless bolts.

We installed a new winch, a side locker and an additional fuel tank.

Thanks to the new paint in an original color, stickers and details, the car looks great and original.