Land Rover Defender 110, Td5, automat




Dark 110 with manual transmission, slightly battered and gently tired, reached us in order to repair slightly the body.

Our concept changed before we moved on to work on this car.

The owner decided that he wanted to have a new car, a new look and a new automatic transmission.


Work on this car was carried out in parallel. 

In the drive train, we installed a computer-controlled automatic gearbox control system, and the body was dismantled because it required a thorough repair, the replacement of corroded parts and a major change in appearance.

We stripped rust from the chassis by sandblasting, epoxy and Tectyl protection.

During the installation we made a full soundproofing of the interior, we installed a new central tunnel and accessories such as LED lights, winch, dual battery system, new Webasto control unit and fan in the trunk, the latter due to the comfort of the transported dog.

We improved the audio, as well as appearance of seats and carpets by installing new covers and new carpets. New, black roof lining.

The car got a MP4x4 roof rack for a tent, thresholds and front bumper constructed by us.

Panels on the fenders, matt greenery, black matt and not exaggerated accessories make it a devilishly interesting Defender, the hood of Puma adds taste.

Stainless steel screws, aluminium hinges, renovated rims, KBX grill, everything fits perfectly together in color.


At the end, we made a test on a dynamometer, we added horse power J

The car drives extremely well. The computer-controlled automatic transmission shifts gears smoothly, and reserve of power under the accelerator allows to drive smoothly and dynamically.

A cute devil, isn't it? :)