Land Rover Defender 110, 200tdi



This 200 has been purchased with an intention to be exported to the USA.

The car had an episode in the army, then someone patched it for sale and painted white.
Unfortunately, the seemingly fine car had a few issues in store.

And so, the rear side of the frame constituted a patchwork of metal sheets and the bulkhead included massive holes. The roof had something in common with puzzles as well.


Making the vehicle usable meant basically completely disassembling it. The bulkhead required comprehensive renovation, as did the entire frame. The car received new doors and roof.
The interior has been insulated. The previous owner managed to keep the upholstery semi-good so it needed minor corrections.

Surprisingly, in mechanical terms the car was in good condition. A nice 200 is a proper car :)
Now the car lacks corrosion and is protected for many years to come. It should serve for a long time in the warm climate of Florida.