Land Rover Defender 110, V8



This interesting piece, with a V8 engine under the hood, required refreshing on the outside, removing corrosion from the frame, doors, and upper body elements, as well as fixing the interior.

The owner didn't really want to modify the vehicle but just add a few elements such as a winch bumper, thresholds, comfortable bucket seats, back ARB blockade, electric power windows, and to improve the comfort of the interior in general.


We've started the entire project by working on the frame and body, by exchanging the rear beam, new doors, new body parts (galvanized slats and columns).
After the coating, we've insulated the upper body which received new upholstery and ceiling lining.

The leather seat upholstery, dashboard, and door sides are tastefully executed, without excess but maintaining their full functionality (buckets with adjustable back pieces, heated).
Finishing the car we've installed LED lighting, the mentioned power windows, and ordered off-road additions.


A defender equipped in such a way and including a V8 engine with automatic transmission really has a soul. And it runs. Runs well. It's awesome!