Land Rover Defender 110 2,2 Puma




The owner of this quite fresh Puma, in good condition, decided to completely change its character.
We've received a clear and precise task. It should be none like this and that...


We've proposed a different solution for the trunk floor, made from wood, as well as few technological solutions concerning the winch, Hi-Lift fastening, and engine computer software.
Additionally we received a task - install power windows, heated seats, mirrors, and windscreen, central lock, 2 DIN navigation radio, meaning the HSE version :)
The colors, interior, and car graphic constitute the owner's dreams come true. Execution in accordance with the order.


As a result we have a highly customized Puma version which should manage on the trail but mostly be an extremely comfortable, fast, and nice looking vehicle which perfectly fits the atmosphere of the Alps from which it came to us.


A top version.