Land Rover Defender 110, 300 tdi, RHD




In principle, this project combines pretty much everything.
A full rebuild. A full remodeling. A complete range of possibilities.
This is an example of how we can make a Defender a classic car, improving driving comfort and convenience, completely changing the image of a donor car to something spectacular.

In this car, we have installed air conditioning, electric windows, added audio system with a large display, and soundproofed the interior.
Outside, the car looks very classic - galvanized elements and colours comply with the wishes of the owner and just work.

The interior is a complete madness.
Second row seats have been replaced by two factory seats, a second cubby box is between them. The dashboard, steering wheel, headlining and leather sewing allude to the classic style.
The wooden box in the trunk completes the whole. 
It's new, old and the best 300 tdi in an unprecedented version!
This is a great example of how you can give Defender a second life. A better one.

Congratulations for the owner!