Land Rover Defender 90, 3,0 BMW


In the case of this Def, there were a few assumptions:
  • it must be a very powerful Defender, difficult to drive (3.0 BMW and rear-wheel drive only)
  • it is to be made of garbage, scrap metal and used parts (body and interior, drive)
  • it must be safe (suspension, new braking system, roll cage)
  • it should be super comfortable (changing the position of the driver and passenger, seats from BMW, different ventilation system and heating :))
  • it has to express me.
We build Defenders for you, listening to your needs, we just help you choose the best solutions. We try to keep the benchmark, legend.
I focused on punk style here, with a bit of grunge and my vision of the Defender as a city, daily car. Something a little different.
All this was guided by a goal - this Defender is to be an alternative to modern plastic, which is forced on us by automotive companies. Something I don't agree with.
Simple as that.
I decided to use the best base that was created in the UK, equip it with the last best diesel engine that the Bavarians pieced together, and paint it all in my own way, so that driving this car would be the reward of my many years of work with Defenders.
So that I have a wide grin on my face all the time.
It came out just as I wanted.
It drifts sideways, it's hard to keep it in line. It's completely different inside, extremely comfortable.
And all in all it looks and runs like a Kurt Cobain disc, Montage of Heck.