Land Rover Defender 110, Puma


Defender with a very clearly defined functionality.

The car has undergone a major reconstruction.

Basically the entire mechanics are new, including the driveline and the Puma engine.

Working with the inside consisted mainly in improving the comfort through soundproofing and new leather upholstery and adding air-conditioning.

The whole is complemented by the Focal sound system, connected with a modern 2DIN radio, rear view camera and navigation.


Conception of the trunk includes specific solutions, at the customer's request.

Additionally, a roll-over cage has been installed.

From the outside, we have a combination of the classic Heritage style

with a galvanized parts and modern elements, such as LED lighting.


This is another Defender project that we made together with the artist from Gdańsk, Tomek Krupiński.

A great car, basically brand new, and different from what rolled off the production line in Solihull.The photo by Hania Krupińska.