Our NoQuestions solution is the result of many years of experience in traveling and off-road expeditions and a collection of experience in the reconstruction of Defenders. Land Rover Defender is an ideal base for building a 4x4 expedition car or campervan with outstanding off-road characteristics, but requires specific modifications and changes.

We propose two options so that you can confidently use Defender for tourism:


Pop up roof.

A solution dedicated for Defender 110 and 90.



It consists in modifying the roof so that the sleeping lounge is at the top of the car, and the entire passenger space and the luggage compartment can be used to transport people, luggage, install furniture or install a stove, sink and refrigerator.


The greatest advantages of this solution:

  • it strengthens the car's body - the NoQuestions roof becomes almost a safety cage (which cannot be achieved with the installation of a roof rack and a roof tent)
  • There is an option to combine it with an outer cage and an inner bar
  • the shape of the car is preserved - this is important for the fans of the Defender line
  • the weight of this structure is lower than the roof rack option with a roof tent. Aluminum parts specially designed by us allowed for a noticeable weight reduction
  • the car's height changed by only 16 cm, which is much less than in case of the roof rack and roof tent
  • The NoQuestions solution is also a great thermal and acoustic insulation, so it is possible to easily heat the inside of the tent with a parking heater
  • The NoQuestions roof is designed so that you can install it yourself or easily remove it, returning to the original. It is the only solution on the market that does not require cutting, welding or alteration of the original roof or posts
  • sleeping itself has a much larger area than accessory roof tents
  • our construction allows for constant ventilation and drying of the tent while driving, which is not possible with standard roof tents, closed while driving.

The NoQuestions pop-up roof is an uncompromising solution for travelers and fans of tourism.

See photos of details our pop up roof - link and link and more



The set includes a ladder mounted at the rear of the vehicle, a rear work lamp bracket, a beam for mounting additional lights at the front of the vehicle, an internal beam, mattresses and a front console mounted under the headlining.

Price - 39 900 PLN ex. VAT

If you are interested in this solution, please contact us.


A campervan-type construction.

A solution dedicated to Defenders 90, 110 and 130.



It is a fully designed specialized body made by us, very light and extremely durable. This solution is perfect for people who want to modify their Defender to get the best 4x4 campervan. It is also a great solution in the case when the reconstruction of the Defender is economically unjustified, when the donor car is too damaged (after an accident) or corroded.


The NoQuestions construction gives unlimited possibilities of arranging the interior of the campervan, allows you to install absolutely all expedition or tourist solutions. The construction is warm in winter and provides good protection against heat in summer. A huge volume, as for a passenger car is a great opportunity, regardless of whether you are interested in long directions, are looking for a super comfortable vehicle for extreme tourism or you just want to have a great, classic 4x4 car and a campervan in one.


If you are interested in the NoQuestions campervan, please contact us.