Land Rover Service

As a specialized service of Land Rover cars and super specialists in Defenders, we provide:


  • repair of all mechanical components
  • repair of electrical installations and electronics
  • repair and replacement of chassis and replacement of chassis elements
  • installation of accessories and additional equipment
  • body repairs, sheet metal and painting works
  • engine tuning and modifications of power systems
  • selection of suspensions and their components
  • assembly of automatic gearboxes in Defenders
  • body conversion and modification
  • modifications for rallies, tourism, expeditions and special tasks
  • interior change, upholstery services, leather, carpets, armchairs
  • installation of air conditioning, electric windows, central locks
  • installation of audio systems, 2DIN, reversing cameras
  • assembly of external and internal roll cages
  • installation of diff-locks and modification of driveline
  • change and installation of galvanized doors, bulkheads, posts
  • painting in any colour
  • interior soundproofing
  • installation of parking heating systems
  • corrosion protection
  • installation of additional off-road lighting and accessories
  • and everything else about the Land Rover Defender



We service DEFENDERS from all over Europe, organize transport and deliver the car to the customer.


In addition, we rebuild Defenders into Campervans, installing pop up roofs of our own design and making proprietary NoQuestions bodies.



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