Land Rover Defender, 110, V8, Spectre



Defender Spectre. That was the order. But even better than the original.

The car that we were provided with, which was to serve as the base for the Spectre, was in agonal condition, clogged with clay, damaged, and simply miserable. We have decided to approach this project like we were building the car from the ground up. Everything must be new or it must at least look like new.

This also includes the vehicles heart. We have managed to find a donor for the powertrain - an automatic Discovery 2 with a 4.0 V8 and a mileage of 88,000 km. The car came from Japan where it was used at an embassy.


Defender in Geophysics. Both had their unique stories. The list of modifications, accessories and things that the car has been equipped with is long.

  • Automatic gearbox with PCS computer
  • 4,0 V8 engine with OMEX computer
  • ARB diff lockers
  • Pro Sport suspension
  • Maxi Drive shafts
  • Clima
  • Electric windows front and rear, heating seats
  • External roll cage Safety Devices
  • WARN winches (front and rear)
  • Two batteries, T-Max module
  • Soundproofing and leather interior with RECARO seats
  • 2DIN Radio with Navi and more…
  • BOWLER Spectre wheel arches
  • BOWLER rock sliders
  • All LED lamps and LED additional lamps
  • MOMO steering wheel
  • Stainless steel exhaust system



Despite its meaty tires, lifted suspension and a raised centre of gravity, the Spectre handles great and is fairly precise. The engine sounds phenomenal thanks to a custom-built exhaust system. The whole thing is incredibly impressive and it looks amazing. The car is simply enormous.