About us

We are a company associated with Land Rover since 2008, as independent LR service.

With strict specialization and a passionate attitude towards the brand, working with these cars has become our passion, and DEFENDER itself has become our company's mission.

It is also a response to changing world, as well as changing quality and design of modern cars, ecology.

Throughout many years while we have been gaining experience, observing the market and the changes in the automotive industry as such, we have moved towards the reconstruction and the modernization of the first generation DEFENDER.

You can rely on us not only for repair, service or reconstruction, but also for practical operating advice and support in the implementation of your project.


We operate in several areas:

  • We do full mechanical and electrical servicing of Land Rovers, mainly Defenders, and we perform computer diagnostics.
  • We are rebuilding Land Rover Defenders. We carry out all repairs and renovations of these cars. We construct cars "from scratch".
  • We rebuild Land Rover Defenders using every means. We change their character, purpose and style. We make your dreams come true
  • We build NoQuestions campers on the Defender chassis and modify these cars, preparing them for travel, tourism and off-road.
  • We deal with the liquidation of Land Rover accidents. We carry out sheet metal, paint and accident repairs.
  • We sell parts and accessories for Land Rovers.




We encourage all Land Rover Defender users to cooperate with us.

4Land & NoQuestions – Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot