Land Rover Defender 90, 300 tdi automat


This 90 has undergone extensive changes – both visual and mechanical.
The most important modification was replacing the 2.0 L petrol engine with a 300Tdi coupled with an automatic transmission.
We have adapted the frame and all systems to accommodate the diesel engine and the ZF auto. The engine and transmission are the same as in the Discovery I.
Both drive axles are equipped with electrically controlled 100% diff locks by KAM.
The suspension has been slightly modified and lifted by 2 inches using Terrafirma parts.
Since it is going to be used the intended way, the 2-seater 90 now has a cargo space painted with Raptor, separated from the cabin by a safety rail.
The cabin is lined with a black carpet and soundproofed in order to reduce unwanted drivetrain noises.
A black headliner covers the entire roof.
The interior looks great.
The exterior has been painted in the Heritage style with silver metallic aluminium trim, a winch bumper and Bowler sill protections.
No excess gadgets.
The style of the vehicle is one of a kind and its off-road capabilities are unmatched.