Land Rover Defender 90, 300 tdi, automat




This bold project was undertaken as an attempt to find ways to rebuild a car after burning.

This Puma caught fire from a vehicle burning next to it.

We got such damaged car for reconstruction. Unfortunately, the costs of reconstruction as a Puma were too high, all relevant elements in the car got destroyed (engine equipment, interior, bulkhead, all installations and practically the whole front).

Tomek decided to rebuild the car, but in a very original style.


The main idea was to give the car a unique character a visual surprise, but from the technical point of view to be fully functional, and even more.

We used Discovery I drive, that is 300tdi with automatic transmission plus large Allisport intercooler, fast Puma transferbox, pin boost. The whole engine equipment is brand new.

As the car had a galvanized frame before the fire, corrosion protection was unnecessary

All elements of the body were dismantled, and those that were suitable for re-use were devoid of the original varnish, sanded and painted with colorless matt.

The burnt hood was sandblasted, painted on the underside. External damage remains, it is only protected against further corrosion by varnish.

The interior needed to be fully rebuilt. All installations as well as the board itself.

It was redesigned from scratch using aluminium sheet, with new panels and JBL audio system. The central tunnel is also a very new construction.

The whole interior was well damped and covered with black carpet.


As a result we have a car whose design is different than any fancy polished Defender, it has its own style which will not please everyone, and which was one of the project's assumptions :)

As far as the mechanical side is concerned, the car has the best drive, it is perfect to drive, it is fast and comfortable.

The new dashboard and its functionality fulfil the main assumption - the most important thing in the car is to be music, which is not easy in the case of Defender. It worked in this case, mostly by a maximal noise reduction and a new location of loudspeakers.


What is the most enjoyable is the fact that we managed to preserve it and that it surprises ;)