Land Rover Defender 110, Puma 2,4 Automat



Puma with automatic transmission in a white color.
At first glance, everything with this car was OK. However, after a closer look you can see that the car has already been slightly bitten by the tooth of time.
The order said: white matte, no rust, new interior and several gadgets outside.
All accessories have been refreshed - sandblasting and powder coating.
The chassis is after full maintenance with sandblasting, epoxy primer and Tectyl as a finish and protection.


The body was dismantled for painting. During the assembly, we made soundproofing and new upholstery coverings. The front door panels, center console and board elements have been covered with leather.


Several components such as body strips, front bumper etc. were galvanized.
The car also underwent a thorough mechanical service and the failures in electricity were repaired.


Combination of white matte and lots of black accessories makes it an incredibly different Defender.
Driving Puma with automatic transmission feels great.
Eye-catching design.